Rabbi Ron is also running regular Hebrew classes focusing on reading and following the prayers. Participants can learn basic vocabulary and practice reading from a Siddur. The main purpose of these session is to enable those who have had less exposure to Hebrew language to get a grasp of the basics and to be able to follow the weekday, Shabbat and holiday services.


Masorti Prague offers classes with Rabbi Ron to everyone who is interested to learn more about the fundamentals of Jewish faith and identity. The group course is running throughout the year. Our lectures are interactive and center around a variety of fascinating, core subjects. We are studying the history of Judaism since the founding Fathers to the establishment of the modern State of Israel, essential Jewish literature such as the Bible, recent philosophers like Hertzl, as well as learning about Synagogue, prayers and blessings. An important topic is the Jewish way of living including Shabbat, Kashrut, ethics and the human lifecycle. The classes bring a closer look into the development of Jewish law (halacha), differences among various streams of Judaism and challenges in present-day Jewish life.



Every Friday evening, we gather as a community to welcome Shabbat in prayer and song. Our service is joined by locals and visitors. All ages are welcome.


We are an egalitarian and inclusive community that comes together to pray, celebrate the Jewish holidays and learn. Our services follow the traditional Ashkenazi prayer book. Everyone is encouraged to join in, lead services and read from the Torah. We celebrate festivals with major events, such as our Chanukah with latkes and Purim parties, Tu b’Shvat Seder and an annual Tikkun Leyl Shavuot. Services and activities are inclusive and everyone is welcome.


Ron Hoffberg

Our rabbi is Ron Hoffberg, who has been working in Prague since 2001. He got his smicha from the Jewish Theological Seminary in New York. Before he came to the Czech Republic, he had served in the Masorti community in Tuckhoe in New York (for 2 years) and in Canford Masorti community in New Jersey (for 20 years). For 20 years he held the post of Director of Conversion Institute of Rabbinical Assembly in Northern New Jersey. Besides his activities in Masorti Praha, rabbi Ron Hoffberg teaches history at the Charles university CIEE program.

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