Chanukah Candles in Our Community 5779

Chanukah is a eight-day, wintertime “Festival of Lights“. It commemorates rededication of Holy Temple in Jerusalem and the Maccabees Revolt. It is celebrated by Chanukiah lighting, fried food, songs, and spinning the dreidel. This year we started our festivities with lighting a first candle at Rabbi Ron´s. As per custom, we brought our own Chanukiyot and most of us also participated in traditional latke making. The second candle was lit during the ecumenical celebration at Shumi’s where we annually meet with members of other religious communities in Prague to deepen interfaith understanding, strengthen the collaboration and learn from one another. We lit a fifth candle on Shabbat Chanuka Kabbalat and after the service we joined other communities for a special Shabbat dinner at Kehilah Prague.


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